Bass-Laden Easter Eggs

It’s Easter — you’re probably sat at home, bored, delaying that ever-so-long trip back to your college town… Or maybe you’re delaying the start to your work week. You might even be delaying all of reality itself. Who am I to do anything but help you with that?

I’ve never personally been big on the Easter holiday, but I do appreciate the brief break in the usual hectic schedule that April seems to bring. Here are a variety of mixes from around the net — all fresh within the last few weeks — for your listening pleasure. Load some of these on your iPod and have a little escape on Uproar.

Exclusive UMF Radio Mix — Datsik

One of the many Canadian dubstep giants in the EDM scene right now, Datsik has put together a crowd-pleasing dubstep mix for UMF Radio — hosted for free download on his SoundCloud. It’s standard fare from the producer/DJ, not really mind-blowing, but wholly solid from start to finish. Worth a listen for dubstep fans, particularly if you’re a fan of aggressive stuff.

Juke’n & Trap’n Mix — Kickshifta


The ever-versatile Kickshifta of Cedar Falls-based crew SubFix is back with not one, but two mixes posted for download via SoundCloud. This mix only serves to build on Jake Moore’s already diverse array of musical stylings — expect a weird, futuristic, and surprisingly forward-thinking combination of Chicago Juke and trapped-out snares with a dash of dubstep sprinkled on for good measure. Heads up: don’t crank this one at work if your co-workers have problems with ignorant rap language.

Astral Projection Mix — Minnesota


Minnesota is a fast-rising producer from California (go figure) who is impossible to pigeonhole. Much like Bassnectar, a worthy contemporary, it feels wrong to classify him as simply “dubstep,” especially when he experiments with it as much as he does in both his productions and mixes. Astral Projection is no exception — even though it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of length, it’s a solid journey through the groovier sounds of dubstep. Great driving music.

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