These DJs and Their Twitter…

What on earth are we coming to? It seems the problems that befall the upper echelon of electronic musicians are no longer private — Facebook and Twitter are making DJ beefs more visible than ever before. We’ll focus on two notable examples — Rusko v. Mad Decent and DJ Sneak v. Steve Angello + SHM. Peep the link below!

[View the story “These DJs and Their Twitter…” on Storify]

SO… What’s the point of all this?

Good god, people. Whatever happened to a little tact? Keeping an argument behind closed doors? Regardless of how you feel about Rusko or Diplo, or whether you think Swedish House Mafia’s music has anything to do with actual house music or not — you have to admit that these public tiffs via social media make DJs look downright childish. If electronic music’s global scene just devolves into yet another cult of celebrity personality, it’ll be because of junk like this. By all means, DJs, be opinionated and speak truth — but don’t go raining on anyone’s parade in a public forum just because you’ve got personal beef.

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