The Next Summer Anthem.

With UMF wrapping up tonight in Miami, the seemingly endless Summer music festival season has begun. Artists are testing the waters with their most-coveted new material, traditionally released during Miami’s Winter Music Week. Sure, Ultra Music Fest has a lot of cheesy stuff, but some real bangers have found their way to the surface. Looking for the songs that will end the most epic sets this summer? Look no further…

Stadium Anthem: We Are Young (Alvin Risk Remix) — fun.

It seems all-too-fitting that a song this huge comes in the year of the 2012 Olympiad — it’s simply that high-energy. Alvin Risk really highlights some of the nicer parts of the original song to make an indulgent call-back to early 2000s trance. Hate away, but you can’t deny it’s catchy and chantable.

Sentimental ‘Lighter in the Air’ Anthem: Lifted — Defender

Let’s face it: trapstep (a new off-shoot of dubstep characterized by its use of rapid high-volume snares) is becoming a thing. Cedar Falls’ own Defender has contributed to the exploding craze with an ethereal and intense piece, fittingly called ‘Lifted.’ The release is forthcoming, but their soundclound-exclusive premiere is above.

Dancefloor Destroyer: Paddling Out (Wolfgang Gartner Remix) — Miike Snow

Miike Snow is an obvious favorite for many electronic artists, thanks to his production-heavy style that lends itself to sampling and remixing. Wolfgang Gartner’s take on Snow’s latest single is simply next level — careful that drop doesn’t drop you flat on your ass!

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