[Slideshow] KAGE’s Thoughts on Music + DJing

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We snapped some pics from KAGE’s set last Thursday at Gabe’s Iowa City for Mixology and then spoke with him after to pick his brain on music, DJing, and the experiences associated with it. As you’ll see and hear, the Iowa City bass music promoter (whose real name is Keith Garnant) approaches his craft with a unique and articulate mindset.

. . . . .

Keith Garnant (KG): Well, DJing is kind of like, to me, if you want to take it as seriously as you possibly can, almost like a religious, cult-like gathering, where the DJ represents the shaman who guides the partygoers or the ‘followers’ through a religious experience, bringing them up and down and directing their sensory perception in a way that not many thing things can do — not many other experiences can do.

I think it can be one of the most enjoyable and intense experiences because you know that the sound that you’re creating is being heard by every single one of these people in the room. When you control the sound to do something exciting, like a massive build-up into a sexy beat, and everyone gets as into it as you are, you build up each other’s energy and it can really be an enlightening experience.

Uproar (U): A very rewarding experience?

KG: Rewarding experience, yeah.

U: So it’s sort of a way of bringing everyone and everything together…

KG: Totally, and a way to do it without words, without necessarily saying anything or conveying any kind of message besides pure enjoyment and pure musical love.

. . . . .

music credits: Free Your Mind (Original Mix) — KAGE

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