Wednesday Watercooler #1 — February 8, 2012

This is the first posting of Wednesday Watercooler, Uproar:IA’s weekly rumor and breaking news column. I’m going to be sorting through the internet rumors and talking to insiders to give you all the jump on the best events, tracks, and crucial developments electronic music. Think of it as your own little radar screen to the EDM scene in Iowa.

As a note — all rumors are reported as such, which is to say that they’re false until proven true. Anything reported with certainty in these posts has been factually verified to the highest possible degree.



Wednesday Watercooler #1

February 8, 2012

National Murmurings


Live Music Blog has purported that the forthcoming Chicago EDM festival, Spring Awakening, slated to take place at Soldier Field in June, may have some huge targets set for headliners. LMB alleges headliners will include Skrillex, Afrojack, Dada Life, Laidback Luke, and none other than Daft Punk. While the rumor carries a degree of plausibility, so many Daft Punk rumors circulate that it’s hard to believe they are truly associated — when a group as big as Daft Punk announces a US show, trust me, we will know. File this report under ‘cautious optimism.’

Image Credit: Nick Isasi, Live Music Blog

Local Murmurings and News

SWAGv2 Teaser Poster

Local DJs Charlie Smith (aka DarkGrey) and Dylan Newton have confirmed that they are indeed collaborating on the second installment of the very successful SWAG party that rocked Gabe’s Iowa City last summer. 

Like the first SWAG, SWAGv2 is going to feature an eclectic mix of electro, dubstep, house, and techno vibes from Iowa DJs and producers, both young and old. With this edition, there seem to be heavy indications that some or all of the SubFix crew of DJs will be on the lineup, not surprising given Smith’s involvement.

The boys weren’t willing to reveal specifics of their lineup or exact location yet, but it sounds like the party will be going down somewhere in Waterloo on April 21st and will be an all-ages event.

Image courtesy of Colossus Design.

First Fleet Concerts has announced that Borgore will be stopping through to Blue Moose in Iowa City on April 7th. 

Known for his x-rated twitter account and his abrasive, intense style of dubstep, it’s a big-name show that will be sure to tap into the thriving bass-craving community of college students in Iowa City.

Tickets are on sale for $20 and supporting acts are yet to be announced — a high price tag for Borgore, if you ask me.

— An source associated with the planning of the show informs me that an EDM event is in the process of being added to the Mission Creek Festival, with a fairly lengthy list of local names attached to the line-up. It’s an early leak, so further info will be surfacing very soon, assuming things with the show move forward.

— Lastly, a breaking announcement of a Mardi Gras techno event at Gabe’s IC with Mustafa Avdic, Ben Mealhow, Kyle Sump, and Dylan Newton on Saturday, February 25th. Cover is $5 and proceeds are going to charity. Furthermore, this is a monster line-up at a low price — these are the some of the best independent techno producers and DJs in all of the midwest. For those looking to see what Iowa techno is all about, this is shaping up to be a next-level event.

New Tune Watch

Emalkay feat. Rod Azlan – Flesh and Bone (Remixes) — Dub Police — Forthcoming (Feb. 27, 2012)

Dub Police has put up a fully listenable preview of the Flesh and Bone Remix EP, featuring tunes from three MASSIVE up and comers in the worldwide dubstep/dnb scenes: Dismantle, The Others, and Delta Heavy.

Feed Me – Escape from Electric Mountain EP — Mau5trap — Out now (Beatport exclusive)

Feed Me has released a lengthy 30-minute, six track EP that covers his usual territories — loud, ballsy electro, dubstep, and drumstep. While the music is definitely solid and fascinating through-out, it shows little progression or difference from his previous EP, To The Stars. Worth a listen, but the $12.71 price tag (over $2 a song) is just a bit high for the casual fan.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Tapes and Money — Polydor UK — Forthcoming (April 2, 2012)

The UK up-and-comer with a ridiculous name, who sounds like a cross between Deadmau5, Justice, and Crystal Castles, has released a short edit of his forthcoming Polydor release to Soundcloud. The lengthy wait before the release is no mistake — this track has ‘summer banger’ written all over it.


Got a good rumor to share? Want your music or news included in weekly updates from Uproar:IA? Maybe you just wanna sound off and complain. Whatever it is, leave a comment below and we’ll contact you ;) 


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