What the Uproar is about.

Greetings, and welcome to Uproar Iowa.

Uproar is seeking to establish itself as a modern publication covering the vibrant electronic dance music community in Eastern Iowa and developments within it. In the footsteps of Mixmag and underground rave mags before us, Uproar is going to engage our local EDM community from multiple levels — not only from the level of the enthusiast party-goer, or the insightful producer, but also the standpoint of the neutral, but ever-curious outsider.

Uproar Iowa’s mission and our standards are as follows:

  • Uproar Iowa is a primarily journalistic endeavor. While opinion has a place and will come through in our stories, Uproar will also seek to uphold the standards central to the accuracy of journalistic storytelling.
  • Uproar Iowa is committed to presenting the EDM scene, and the culture and practices involved with it, in a positive light. While some would be quick to argue bias on my part, I insist that it is an integral approach to the Uproar’s angle — there have been plenty of other one-sided, unfairly reported stories about EDM culture from myriad outlets larger than us. We’re simply aiming to counter those outlets.
  • Uproar Iowa is committed to documenting the EDM scene, with examination and informed criticism where necessary.
  • The concept of growth and expansion is central to the mentality of the burgeoning EDM scene in Eastern Iowa — likewise, it is central to Uproar’s scale and focus, ready to change and expand as we see fit.
  • Uproar is here to celebrate music and people coming together.

Watch this space for interviews with producers, in-depth stories, event reviews, and updates on when and where events are going down in your hometown.

I’m hugely excited to begin this endeavor and I can’t wait to see where it goes. If you have anything you want to see on this blog, feel free to get in contact, or leave comments below.

-Josh Messer

Creator, Editor of Uproar Iowa

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